My name is McKenna - I am a twenty something who loves capturing people in all their humanness. I find so much joy in the in-between moments and the unplanned corners of life. One of my favorite things about photography is getting to capture something that truly reflects a person's truest self. Getting to point out the beauty in a person's belly laugh or capturing the dynamic of  two people who are stupidly in love. We rarely get to see ourselves interact with the world and for me, photography feels like a mirror that reflects those golden moments.
A little bit about me:
I love being on the go-go-go (which is why wedding days are one of my favorite things!!) but am also a firm believer in a good mid-day nap. I have always had an interest in photography & have had a desire to pursue it wholeheartedly for a while... so, welcome aboard because that time is now!
When I'm not shooting:
Meeting new people & taking photos are two of my favorite things - so with that being said, I am looking forward to meeting you and potentially getting to work with you!!
photos (right side) taken by Emily Saenz (@heyemilysaenz)